Division I – No Limit per School (7th and 8th Grade Only)

In Division I, each school shall submit team(s) consisting of no fewer than four, and no more than nine, players per team,(Team maximum subject to administrative discretion).  If a school has fewer than four Division I players, they may be combined with other school teams.  Consideration of location will be the primary determining factor.  Division I is designed for the more experienced 7th and 8th grade players. This Division will play 9-hole events at Vinny Links Golf Course and are expected to score no higher than 50 for nine holes. Par is 28. The League expects Division I players to be exemplary role models for all other players. Players must be very knowledgeable of the USGA Rules of Golf and course etiquette.

  • Depending upon the number of DI teams, each team will compete against one or two other teams per week.  Places will be determined by the sum of the four lowest scores per team, per round.  The lowest team score, of the two or three competing schools, will be determined the winner, the next lowest, 2nd place, and so on.  Each team will accumulate points throughout the season based upon finish.  In a three-team match, 1st will receive 6 points through 3rd receiving 2 points.  In a two-team match, 1st place will receive 6 points and 2nd place will receive 4 points.

  • The third tournament of the series will be match play.  Each individual match will be scored using a Ryder Cup format with a win being 2 points, a loss being -0- points, and a tie being 1 point.  Individual points will be added together to determine total team points for the tournament.  The number of matches counted per team will be equal to the fewest number of players on the smallest team's official team roster.  Example:  If there are 6 teams in the League and the smallest team has 4 players on the official roster, then only 4 matches will be counted for each team...meaning the greatest number of points that can be earned would equal 8.  If the smallest team has 5 players, then 5 matches per team will be counted, and so on.  However, all players will play and each team will count the highest point totals equal to the matches counted.  Example:  7 players on your team, 4 players won their matches, 1 player tied, and 2 players lost.  If the team with the fewest number of registered players is 4, then you would count the 4 wins.  If five, you would count the 4 wins and 1 tie.

  • Individual points will be kept on a scale similar to the one used previously, with overall place determining points awarded.

  • There will be an 18-hole, end of year invitational tournament.  The tournament format will be individual and team stroke play.  The Double Par maximum will not apply to this tournament, but the maximum score on any hole shall be 10 strokes.

  • There is a double par maximum on every hole.  Once a double par score has been reached, the player will pick up his ball and continue play on the next hole.

Division I Awards

  • 1st – 4th Team Regular Season Medals

  • Individual Player of the Year top points leader (Individual Plaque)

  • Most improved player (Individual Trophy)

  • 1st – 4th End of Year Tournament (Team Medals)

  • 1st – 10th End of Year Tournament (Individual Medals)


In weekly tournament play, team score tiebreakers will be determined as follows – lowest number of double par scores per team will be the first tiebreaker, and the lowest “fourth best” score per team being the second tiebreaker.