Round I Tee Times

Format and Rules

18-hole event with the total event stroke score in relation to par determining place. There will be a separate girl’s tournament occurring within the overall tournament.  Girls will qualify for both the overall and girls only tournament. Must play both rounds.

For Round 1 of the tournament, players are seeded based upon team and individual standings

For Round 2, players will be re-paired based upon Round 1 scores only; however, the team competition is still in effect. This means that teammates are competing both with and against each other. 

*****The “double par maximum” rule WILL NOT apply for this event; however, the maximum number of strokes on any hole shall be eight (8)****** 

Individual Tiebreakers

In the event of an individual 1st place tie, the tied players will participate in a “sudden death” playoff format, with lowest tied scores advancing to the next hole until only one player remains.

For individual tied places 2nd – 10th that do not qualify for the “sudden death” playoff, the tiebreaker will be as follows:

  • # of 8’s

  • Scorecard playoff beginning with the #9 hole of the 2nd round and going back hole by hole.

  • Drawn by lot

Team Competition

As in previous competitions, only the four (4) lowest scores per team will count towards the team total, regardless of the number of team members.  Only those four lowest scores counted will be used in determining the tiebreakers.  In the event that a team has fewer than four scores to post, any players that were on the team prior to the competition and were unable to participate will still be listed on the team roster and will be scored as an 8 on every hole.  Individuals that do not complete all 18-holes will have their remaining holes scored as 8’s.

Team Tie Breakers:

For teams tied for 1st – 4th place, the tiebreaker will be as follows:

  • # of 8’s per team

  • Lowest “4th best” score per team

  • Lowest “3rd best” score per team

  • Lowest “2nd best” score per team

  • Lowest “1st best” score per team

  • Drawn by lot


Regular Season

1st – 4th Team Regular Season Medals – Regular Season Team Points Leaders

Championship Tournament

1st – 10th End of Year Tournament – Individual Medals for 6th – 10th, and Individual Trophies for 1st – 5th (Co-ed)

1st – 4th End of Year Tournament (Team Medals) – Four teams with lowest aggregate team tournament score

*1st – 5th Individual Tournament Trophies – GIRLS ONLY

Most Improved Player for Regular Season – Individual that participated in all three stroke events and improved his/her score by the greatest number of strokes for the entire season

Individual Player of the Year – Individual points leader at the end of the regular season

*Individual Player of the Year – Girl’s Individual points leader at the end of the regular season

*Must have a minimum 5 girls participating in Division I for the Girl's individual awards to be presented.