Distance Measuring Devices (DMD)

In all Divisions of the Parochial League Junior Golf program, a player may obtain distance information by using a device that measures distance only. If, during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his play (e.g., gradient, wind speed, temperature, etc.), the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such additional function is actually used.


Players may share a DMD since the distance between objects is a matter of public information and therefore is not considered advice.

Inclement Weather

It is very difficult to reschedule events. If possible, events will be played on the day and time scheduled. This may require play in the rain, but at no time will golfers be put in a dangerous situation. Even if rain is in the forecast, players are highly encouraged to go to their event.  We will do our best to contact coaches as soon as we know an event is cancelled.  Click here to see if an event is postponed or cancelled.

Registration/Starting Times

Players are expected to check‑in as soon as they arrive at the course. Registration will be located at a central location, most probably near the clubhouse or starting hole. Players are expected to report to their starting tee ready to play at least 10 minutes prior to their starting time. At this time, scorecards will be distributed, local rules will be covered, and other necessities will be addressed.

No Show Policy

Any player entered into an event who fails to show without giving prior notice to their coach will be awarded –0- points. A golfer unable to compete with an excused absence will receive 25 participation points. 

***Any golfer who fails to show without previous notification for two events will be administratively removed from any remaining events and will be removed from the season scoring matrix.  No refund will be provided.***

IMPORTANT:  Players who “No Show” or quit during competition will have the maximum number of strokes allowed counted as their score.  (On a par 34, a score of 77 (dbl par) will be recorded).  This score will count as part of the team score if fewer than four team members remain.  Remember, if you fail to show, or quit during your round, you will be hurting your team.


On Course Withdrawals/No Cards

If a player must leave a tournament site due to illness or injury, a volunteer must be notified. Failing to notify anyone will result in –0- points awarded. Any player failing to return a scorecard will receive –0- points.

Players who quit simply because they are playing poorly will be treated as a No‑Card.

Player Responsibilities

  • Play by USGA Rules of Golf and be a good sport. 

  • Play their event in no longer than 15 minutes per hole.

  • Be able to score properly and report directly to the scoring area following play.

  • Respect the game of golf, its rules and values.

  • Have FUN!!!!

Pace of Play

In order to make an effort to play within the pace of play guidelines we will play “Ready Golf.”

  • Walk briskly from shot to shot and green to tee. Do not dawdle.

  • Do not take an excessive number of practice swings.

  • Walk directly to your ball in the fairway.  Do not walk in groups.

  • Place your golf bag near the putting green in a position to go directly to the next teeing ground.

  • In stroke play, you are permitted to play out of turn.  If the player who is away is not ready, then you can play first.  This includes the teeing ground.

  • Always play a provisional ball if you believe that your ball may be out of bounds or lost outside of a water hazard.

  • Leave the putting green immediately after putting out. Scoring should be done on the way to the next teeing ground or after hitting tee shots on the next hole. Do not delay play to score.

 To help the pace of play fall within the above guidelines, a “double par maximum” score will be implemented to assist in speeding play.  Once a double par score is achieved on any hole, (par 3’s = 6 strokes, par 4’s = 8 strokes, par 5’s = 10 strokes), the player’s ball will be picked up and will move on to the next hole.  If individual players, or teams, in the match play format both score double par on a hole, the hole will be considered halved.  A score of "double par + 1 stroke" will be placed by the hole on a golfer’s scorecard indicating the ball was picked up.  A double par max on a par 3 will be scored as a 7 and a double par max on on a par 4 will be scored as a 9.  In the event of a tie, the first tiebreaker will be the golfer with the fewest double pars on their card.  Example:  an 8 beats a 9, and a 6 beats a 7.

Dress Code

In accordance with the dress code of the hosting facilities, players and spectators please follow these guidelines:

  • All shirts must have collars and must be tucked in.  Girls may wear alternate golf type shirts.  School Uniform Polo type shirts are acceptable. T‑shirts and tank tops are not acceptable.

  • All shorts must be golf type shorts and Bermuda length.  Tennis shorts and short shorts are not acceptable.

  • Blue jeans and denim shirts are not acceptable.

  • All hats and visors must be worn properly.

  • All golf shoes must have non‑metal spikes.

Conduct Guidelines

Parochial League Junior Golf is committed to maintaining good sportsmanship, etiquette, and the integrity of the game of golf. With this in mind, the following guidelines for conduct will apply:

  • Any conduct detrimental to a player, his/her equipment, the golf course, the host facility, etc. will not be tolerated.

  • No use of alcohol or tobacco products.

  • No drugs or weapons permitted

  • No Gambling.

  • No abusive language or profanity.

  • No temper tantrums or club throwing


Cheating is defined as failure to comply with the USGA Rules of Golf and is strictly prohibited. All cases of cheating will be dealt with in a very serious manner. Any person, player or spectator, who witnesses a perceived violation of the rules, should immediately inform the walking official.  Penalty strokes could be assessed at that time. If incidents of cheating are not reported, not only will the offending player, but also the player(s) who fail to report the incident, be in violation. If a player is suspected of cheating, measures will be taken to monitor their score during subsequent events. A confirmed cheating violation will result in immediate disqualification from the event and possible suspension from the tournament series without refund.

Note: Most often, players are unaware that they are doing anything wrong so they will still act in error unless it is brought to their attention.

 We very strongly urge players/spectators to overcome their fear of "tattling" and let walking officials, coaches or event volunteers know of any suspicions they may have.  Incidents need to be dealt with immediately on site.  Very little can be done after the fact, especially if scorecards have been signed. 

Scorecards/ Scoring Areas

At all events, players will be issued official scorecards. Players are expected to serve as a marker for another competitor.  Competitors should check scores at the completion of each hole.  Players should also keep track of their own score on the markers notes section of the scorecard. At the completion of the round, players are required to report directly to the scoring area BEFORE signing their scorecard. At the scoring area, someone will be available for rulings and to aid in the scoring process. Players should remain in the scoring area until scoring is completed.  Once a player’s scorecard has been signed, their results are final.

 Rules are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf and local course conditions.

The Role of Parents and Spectators

Having the support of family and friends is a very important aspect of Junior Golf.  Parents and spectators are encouraged to attend events, however, everyone must understand that being a spectator is a privilege.  This competition has been created for the junior golfers, and spectator policies will be strictly enforced.  Most other events adhere to these same policies.

Note: Parental or spectator interference may result in penalties or disqualification of the player.

 Anyone wishing to observe must agree to adhere to the following policies:

  • Dress in accordance with the Dress Code and follow Jr. Golf guidelines.

  • Walk only on the cart paths or rough where cart paths are not accessible.

  • All spectators shall stay at least 30 yards away from the junior golfers, except when giving water, food, towels, umbrellas, etc.  These actions should be done with no other interaction with the player.  Do not walk alongside the junior golfer while walking down the fairway or to the next teeing ground.

  • All spectators shall stay at least 30 yards away from the putting green and teeing ground at all times.

  • Do not talk with the players as this could be construed as giving advice, unless correcting known etiquette violations such as failing to rake a bunker, or talking during another player’s backswing...

  • Always be aware of the group behind you.

  • Do not attempt to give rulings.  Let the players work it out.

  • Please turn off cellular phone ringers while on the golf course.

The regulations listed above as they pertain to Scoring and Spectator Rules DO NOT apply to Division II participants.  In Division II, parents/coaches are encouraged to act as caddies, or player “helpers” on the course.  Please remember to be encouraging in your comments.

Care for the Course

All players and spectators are expected to act in a courteous manner. Please help maintain the golf courses by repairing ball marks, raking bunkers, replacing divots, etc. Please keep the course free of litter. Any abuse to the course or other club facilities will result in immediate disqualification and/or suspension from play. If everyone acts in a proper way by respecting the game, the golf course, its members and its staff, then we will have a successful program for years to come.