Division I will participate in both Stroke Play and Match Play.

There are several different ways to score a series of tournaments. In order to be fair to all players, at all skill levels, a scoring system similar to the one below will be adopted. The values per place will be adjusted up or down annually based upon the number of players participating in each Division. This set number of points-per-place is designed to reward the top half of the field, but not overly penalize the bottom half.

Parochial League Junior Golf Scoring Matrix Spring 2019   

Place Points Earned Place Points Earned Place Points Earned Place Points Earned

1st 300 12th 164 23rd 89 34th 53

2nd 280 13th 156 24th 85 35th 50

3rd 265 14th 148 25th 81 36th 47

4th 250 15th 138 26th 77 37th 44

5th 235 16th 132 27th 74 38th 41

6th 220 17th 125 28th 71 39th 38

7th 210 18th 118 29th 68 40th 35

8th 200 19th 111 30th 65 41st 32

9th 190 20th 104 31st 62 42nd 29

10th 180 21st 97 32nd 59 43rd 26

11th 172 22nd 93 33rd 56 44th+ 26

Match Play Scoring Matrix

Win Match                 50 Points

All Square (Tied)       25 Points

Lose Match                  0 Points


In the event of a tie, each tied player will receive the number of points designated by the finish, the next place points will be determined by the number of tied golfers finishing ahead. (Example: Three golfers finish tied for 1st place. Each of the three will receive 300 points each.  The next lowest score will receive 4th place points, (250 points), since three golfers finished ahead.

Team Score

Teams will count the four lowest scores as their team score. Each team will be awarded points depending upon the number of teams in the match. Each team will play each other team at least once in the season.